Friday, 2 June 2017

2017 camp reflection

                       Camp reflection 

Last week we went on Hammer Springs Camp. My favorite parts Were probably the Hot pools and the Tree climbing. Here are all of the things we did.  Mission impossible Hot pools, Mounting biking, Tree climbing and orienteering. 
I loved the tree climbing. First of all we had to get all buckled up and the people showed us how to be safe climbing the tree and how to b lay. I did not get  to climb to the top because we were not allowed. I climbed the hared and the easy side of the tree and  I really liked it. Another one of my favorite activities was the mounting biking. I loved the biking because half way through we got to do a pump track. We went biking for just under 2 hours and it was so cool. I really liked camp It was great.

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  1. hi Kaine i really enjoyed your presentation on your guys camp it sound like you had a lot of fun a learnt a lot too.


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